aSa FabTracker

You want to do more than cut steel faster … you want to cut smarter. This means getting your tag information loaded, organized, and optimized before you start the shearing cycle. It also means providing clear easy-to-follow instructions to your shop crew and tracking the sheared status of every bundle as it is processed.

Load tag data instantly
Simply scan the barcode on aSa Production-generated bundle tags, insert a USB drive, or copy files to a “watched” folder. This eliminates user errors because there’s no need to manually enter bar details.

Optimize on the fly
Load tag data, then let the system automatically develop optimized cutting combinations, pocket assignments, and crew instructions.

Get up and running quickly
Easy-to-follow on-screen instructions for stock preparation, cutting, dumping, and tying tags pace the entire shearing operation, regardless of crew experience.

Manage heat information
When combined with Bundle Inventory, FabTracker associates heat data from the stock bundles to your produced items.

FabTracker is a special version of the aSa TouchTracker enhanced with Opto-Shear Console technology and optimization features. Easily connects to most OEM controllers on the market today to help you get the most from your machinery and crew.*

* Manufacturer’s controller must be able to accept instructions.