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BendPlus Reinforcement Steel Software

India`s First & Most Credible Software from ThirdAxis EBS Pvt Ltd Mumbai

Thoughtfully designed & carefully executed, Bendplus is India`s most credible software for the construction industry, specifically for reinforcement steel software. Our breadth of knowledge is exponential with our vast experience in the construction industry, reinforcement fabrication industry, otherwise known as rebar steel cut & bend or ready-made steel industry in India. Our company has senior-level professionals from software as well as the construction industry, which makes us unique in the competition. We exactly know how the construction & rebar industry works and what are the specific challenges faces by project managers along with the engineers/supervisors on site. Bendplus software helps with all your critical operation and save a ton of time and energy you lose worrying about reinforcement steel scrap and keeping the records manually on site.  

Software for Rebar Cut & Bend

Powerful than ever, enter orders rapidly with more ease, directly in the shapes, plan the production with real-time visible graphs & execute the production with the minimum possible rebar scrap.

  • Software for Bar Bending Schedule
  • Excel Sheets to Bar Bending Schedule
  • Reinforcement Scrap Optimization Software
  • Rebar Bundle Inventory & Calendar Based Planning

Software for Builders & Contractors

Start entering the BBS with utmost ease with quick shapes provided on Bendplus, leave the rest upon Bendplus to calculate accurate cutting lengths, cutting list, off-cut reports, and daily reports.

  • Software for Bar Bending Schedule
  • Reinforcement Scrap Optimization
  • Daily / Monthly or Yearly Reports of Steel Used/ Scrapped
  • Import / Export BBS or Production Reports from Excel
  • Project Management Software

BendPlus BBS Software

Enter Bar Bending Schedules quickly with ready shapes and auto calculations for cutting/theoretical lengths of bars . Import data from any CAD detailing or Excel Sheet and start optimizing to reduce scrap

BendPlus Rebar Production

Bend+ Production Software will help you reduce the reinforcement scrap to the lowest and speed up your overall rebar cutting & bending process with zero mistakes with the bundle tags & reports

BendPlus Planning

Bendplus Planning Software provides you a bird`s eye over your whole orders waiting for production. Its an easy calendar based software to schedule your rebar cut & bend operations on a daily / weekly basis

BendPlus Delivery Note

BendPlus delivery note software provides a clear, easy to read, a summary of straight bars, bent bars & other accessories in a professional manner, which then converts into sales invoices with a few clicks. 

BendPlus Rebar Inventory

BendPlus Inventory Software keeps a complete record of whole reinforcement steel entries & usage. Additionally, it picks up the off-cuts generated from previous orders and uses them for new orders.

Project Management

Project Management Software helps you manage all project site activities. Generate bill of quantities, purchase orders and maintain petty cash fund transfers to contractors / vendors / co-workers.

Multiple Building Codes Access

Indian / British / American Standards

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