aSa Rebar Delivery Ticket / Delivery Note Software

aSa Delivery Ticket allows you to create a professional-quality document for each shipment of material that you deliver. Regardless of whether you use the term “bill of lading,” “shipping ticket,” or “manifest,” the end product is the same — a clear listing of what is being shipped, where it goes, and who gets it. aSa gives you the tools to pull all of this information together with minimal effort. Delivery Ticket is a basic version of the Bill of Lading screen in aSa Rebar Financials. We designed it for companies that require an integrated shipping documentation system, but do not need the full functionality of our entire Rebar Financials suite.

  • Stop hand-writing bills of lading
    aSa’s easy-to-use Delivery Ticket tool lets you create professional-quality shipping documentation faster than you can scribble an address.
  • No more scrambling for information
    Just about everything you need to create a delivery ticket — customer, job, address, bar list, and material information — is already in your aSa database. On-screen navigator lists make it easy to find and select your data.
  • Give your drivers and customers everything they need
    Add terms, jobsite directions, even a signature line to verify delivery. Include any message that your drivers or customers need. Save and re-use your notes so you never have to re-type them.
  • Automatically track delivery status
    You won’t need a paper trail to see whether a release has shipped or not. Bar list status is automatically updated to Shipped based on Delivery Ticket activity.
  • Forget cumbersome calculations
    Adding an item to your delivery is as simple as selecting the item and typing the quantity. The program develops all totals for you, automatically converting between units of measure whenever necessary.