aSa Bundle Inventory Software

aSa Bundle Inventory tracks on-hand stock and remnant material by combining the portability and convenience of a hand scanner with the power of database-driven information storage. When a mill bundle is opened, simply scan its stock tag for real-time inventory relief. The system also simplifies material receipts, remnant tracking, and book to physical reconciliations. Additionally, flexible reports show you the quantity, location, and value of your on-hand material.

  • Eliminate tedious inventory tracking 
    The entire process is automated using barcode scanning technology. To relieve inventory, simply scan the bundle’s inventory tag.
  • Order stock and plan production with ease
    Knowing exactly what material you have on-hand, and where it is in your shop, helps you make quicker smarter production and material purchasing decisions.
  • Scan and store mill certificates
    Mill certs — in any electronic file format — can be attached to heat information within aSa software when material is received.
  • Automate book to physical Reconciliations 
    Book to physical procedures are as simple as scanning your on-hand inventory tags and validating the quantity displayed on the scanner.
  • Manage heat information
    Enter heat information when material is received. When used in conjunction with Material Tracking, Bundle Inventory automatically associates the heat number to the produced items.
  • Manage all of your inventory
    Print stock tags and track on-hand quantities of mesh, bar supports, and other accessory items in addition to your rebar.