aSa Rebar Scheduling & Planning Software for Cut & Bend Plants

The ability to exceed your customers’ expectations and keep your rebar shop running smoothly hinges on effective scheduling of material production and delivery. Designed to aid production managers and project coordinators, aSa Scheduling integrates with other aSa modules to help you easily assign fabrication date, delivery date, and shipping trailer for each order that you produce. The system’s easy-to-use interface lets you drag and drop orders onto the desired dates. Advanced reports give your shop crew clear plans for each day’s fabrication.

  • Make informed planning decisions
    Material breakdowns by bar size and bending classification give you a snapshot of what machinery will be used in a given day, helping you to make decisions about manpower and equipment assignment.
  • Get the right material on the right trucks 
    In addition to assigning fabrication and delivery dates, aSa Scheduling lets you specify which orders are to be shipped on which trailers, reducing the chance of shop and delivery errors.
  • Know instantly whether you’ve reached your production capacity
    Based on shop-specific capacities that you define, each scheduled date is color-coded according to whether you are below, at, or over capacity.
  • No more scheduling with whiteboards and calculators
    aSa lets you do all of your scheduling on the computer with easy drag-and-drop tools, allowing the schedule to be viewed from any computer in your office.