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aSa Rebar Estimating

Take off Rebar directly from a set of printed or electronic plans to the computer keyboard – no transcribing to and from paper, no manual calculations

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aSa-Bentley RebarCAD

aSa CAD Detailing combines Bentley Systems’ top-rated , MicroStation, with aSa-developed applications for project management and detailing.

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aSa BarList

Enter Bar Bending Schedules quickly with ready shapes & auto calculations for everything. Import data from any RebarCAD detailing or Excel Sheet.

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aSa-Bentley 3D CAD | BIM

An advanced way to model, detail, and schedule reinforced concrete structures. Fully realized components of each project’s vision via Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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aSa BarList for Revit

 Take off material from your Revit model and create a file containing all the information needed to automate fabrication, delivery, and installation activities with aSa rebar software

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aSa Rebar Production

With aSa Production, your crew will fabricate more reinforcement steel in less time with fewer mistakes, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability.

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aSa Rebar Inventory

aSa barcode system eliminates the time and hassle involved with counting stock and remnants, tracking their location, and managing heat and mill certificates information

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aSa Field Placing

Your customers will appreciate the professional-quality bills of lading. Your drivers will appreciate the clear delivery instructions.  Easy-to-use application for Rebar Order Delivery.

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Rebar Machines Automation

aSa software automates nearly all rebar machines manufactured in recent years. To set up cutting or bending, all the operator has to do is scan the rebar bundle tag. Save time & human error.

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aSa Scheduling

aSa Scheduling is an on-screen planning tool that takes the headache out of managing your workflow. Powerful calendar interface and comprehensive reports. Get orders on track & on time.

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aSa Material Tracking

aSa Material Tracking gives you the power to know exactly where every piece of your order is and how it got there, plus the confidence to know it is where it belongs using aSa Barcode solutions.

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aSa Load Tracking

It helps ensure that every bundle you produce is loaded for shipment correctly — no missing bundles, no misfabricated bundles, and no bundles on the wrong trailers. 100% shipment accuracy.

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aSa Plant Manager

aSa Plant Manager gives you instant access to real-time and historical fabrication information via a virtual shop interface on your computer screen using aSa Barcode Solutions.

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aSa OPTO-Shear Console

This console not only automates all shearline processes with minimal operator input, it manages and paces the entire shop operation, resulting in fewer errors, less scrap, and more overall efficiency.

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aSa Delivery Note

Your customers will appreciate the professional-quality bills of lading. Your drivers will appreciate the clear delivery instructions. You’ll appreciate the fact that it all came from a single, easy-to-use app.

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aSa Fab-Tracker

You want to do more than cut steel faster … you want to cut smarter. This means getting your tag information loaded, organized, and optimized before you start the shearing cycle. 

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aSa GoRebar

Go Rebar is an online order entry system powered by aSa. Rebar fabricators can let their customers order steel online.
Rebar detailers and contractors can list material and send their files to fabricators.


aSa Client Care

Take full advantage of free software upgrades (all major & minor upgrades), invitations to special events, and dedicated phone and online support by aSa`s dedicated team of support consultants 

Our Clients in India


Kannan K.

RedDot Rebar Services Chennai, TN India

“We have been using aSa since many years and always found aSa software ahead of times. aSa is mainly focused on rebar and as a rebar detailing firm, our main focus is rebar detailing as well. Dedicated CAD support team is very helpful.”

Sam Costa

C&T Reinforcing Steel Co ON Canada

“Scrap production has been cut by more than half since we started using (aSa) software, and we now have very good control of all remnants company-wide.”

Jeff Veilleux

P.J.s Rebar, Inc. Fremont, California

“(Using aSa Bar List and Sales Order), we have a single person who does the entire job; as long as that person checks the list carefully, we’ve virtually eliminated errors.”

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